Supervision Rota

In order to maintain the highest standards in child protection and welfare, we request the assistance of parents and guardians in supervising training sessions.

A rota system has been established by the club, enabling parents to conveniently view their scheduled supervision dates. We require one parent or guardian from each juvenile member’s family to be on the Supervision Rota.

Please note that from 2024, club membership for juvenile members will be contingent on the parent/guardian’s active participation in the supervision rota.

The supervision rota is in operation on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, covering the periods from January to the summer break, and then from September to the Christmas break.

From January to the summer break, supervision is required at both the Amenity pitch and the Athletic track.

From September to the Christmas break, supervision will also be needed at Mellett’s Hill. For this location, a separate rota will be maintained, listing the parents/guardians of juveniles who are training solely on the hill during this time frame.

Rules to the Rota

  • The rota must be organised in advanced and communicated to all involved; this will be via a Club website or Whatsapp group.
  • Each individual on the rota must have completed their Garda Vetting application.
  • An individual on the rota is responsible for their own replacement in the event they cannot fulfil their obligation.
  • The supervisor should arrive at a reasonable time before the session starts and must remain with any coaches until all the children are collected.
  • If the supervisor has any concerns, they should be brought to the club Children’s Officers (Patricia McKeonAngela Gaughan or Liam Doran) or dealt with immediately if a child is in imminent risk.
  • Supervisors must be aware of the club’s Child Welfare policies.
  • If for some reason you be unable to fulfil your obligation to the Supervision Rota, we kindly ask that you contact a club officer as soon as possible.

Supervision Responsibilities

The club has a Supervision Policy that outlines the need for a supervision policy and the duties expected to be carried out by a supervisor for a training session.


  • Actively monitor and supervise juveniles during athletic sessions to ensure a safe and respectful environment. 
  • Help enforce the policy that no adult should be left in a one-on-one situation with a juvenile athlete, always ensuring the presence of another responsible adult or supervisor. 
  • Ensure a child who requires a bathroom break should not be allowed go alone. They should be accompanied by a friend or peer. 
  • Oversee the safe and orderly pick-up of juveniles by their parents or guardians following the conclusion of each athletic session. 

Assist Coaches: 

  • Help coaches in setting up necessary equipment and materials for exercises and training sessions. 
  • Assist coaches in demonstrating and conducting exercises, ensuring that juveniles understand and able to effectively participate in the activities. 
  • Provide support and encouragement to juveniles during training sessions, helping to foster a positive and motivating atmosphere. 


  • Maintain open and clear communication with coaches, parents, and juveniles, addressing any concerns or questions promptly and effectively. 
  • Relay any incidents or important information, like illness or injury to the head coach or club management as necessary.