Supervision Policy

Athletics Ireland requires that all activities involving children and young people must be supervised.  

To uphold the highest standard of child protection and welfare, it is imperative that individuals avoid being alone with a child. The responsibility rests with adults to guarantee that adequate supervision is in place for all activities, in line with the best practice requirements outlined in these procedures. The welfare and safety of the child is of paramount importance and must always take precedence. 

A safe environment is achievable only through the collective effort of everyone in the club, working together to establish protective safeguards. It is crucial that parents and guardians comprehend their vital role in the implementation of safe practices for their children and are proactive in offering their assistance. 

Supervision Responsibilities: 


Actively monitor and supervise juveniles during athletic sessions to ensure a safe and respectful environment. 

Help enforce the policy that no adult should be left in a one-on-one situation with a juvenile athlete, always ensuring the presence of another responsible adult or supervisor. 

Ensure a child who requires a bathroom break should not be allowed go alone. They should be accompanied by a friend or peer. 

Oversee the safe and orderly pick-up of juveniles by their parents or guardians following the conclusion of each athletic session. 

Assist Coaches: 

Help coaches in setting up necessary equipment and materials for exercises and training sessions. 

Assist coaches in demonstrating and conducting exercises, ensuring that juveniles understand and able to effectively participate in the activities. 

Provide support and encouragement to juveniles during training sessions, helping to foster a positive and motivating atmosphere. 


Maintain open and clear communication with coaches, parents, and juveniles, addressing any concerns or questions promptly and effectively. 

Relay any incidents or important information, like illness or injury to the head coach or club management as necessary.