Little Athletics Registration – 2020

Registration for Little Athletes will take place on Tuesday 10th from 6:45pm upstairs in the Amenity centre.

The club will brief parents that evening at 7pm on information about Little Athletes and the Swinford Athletics club.

Little Athlete’s training is due to start back on March 24th.

We are asking families to help with the club lotto this year. This is our main source of fundraising and is vital to the clubs success.

Parents can contribute to the club lotto using the lotto envelopes sent home with the kids or they can sign up for an Annual or Bi-annual entry into the club lotto.

It is now possible to enter the club lotto online here on our store!

Alternatively, you can pay for an Annual/Bi-annual entry ticket at any of the scheduled training sessions.

Lotto Poster Swinford A.C.