Dunboyne Uneven Ages XC

Below is the relevant information for travel and parking in Dunboyne for the Uneven Ages XC. Please allow plenty of time. There is a shuttle bus service available from designated parking area. Experience has taught me that the buses are rarely as frequent as stated so allow extra time.

The first race is at 11:30am; girls U11; you need minimum 1hr 30 mins to ensure time to get to the course, collect numbers, walk the course and get in a good warm up. The club tent will be on site and numbers will be there.

Club singlets must be worn and don’t forget your pins.
For some this is a first time to compete at this level. Our young athletes have done the club, themselves and their families proud to have qualified. Now all that remains is to arrive in plenty of time and do your best.

The best of luck to all.