Chairman Address – March 2020

As we look out on this beautiful morning, the sun high in a deep blue sky, it is not only the time that has changed. With Covid-19 taking hold of our lives and our way of life changed for the foreseeable future. We are all presented with a serious challenge. This can all be overcome with a little patience and us all pulling together within our family units and without hesitation complying with the directives from Athletics Ireland, our government and The World Health Organisation.

It is particularly difficult for our athletes who are unable to train or compete at this time. Social activities and get togethers, core sessions and field events have all come to an abrupt stop.
The important thing is that every member of our Club rises to the challenge and is doing what is required of them to take on this “Beast From The East” the deadly Covid-19 virus.

I believe we will succeed and there is a brighter future for us all and society in general. Continue to self isolate at home, keep your distance while out and if you are feeling unwell contact your GP who will advise you further.

Don’t feel isolated, we all have phones and I’m only a phone call away if anyone needs to chat. As a member of Swinford AC we are all in this together and we will make it through with the help and support of each other.

There are members of our club who are on the front line as Guards, Nurses, Doctors, Shop Assistants and many others also working to support these vital workers. We wish you all a safe days work each and every day you go about your duties. You are in our thoughts and thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

Stay safe, stay positive and stay well.
Best wishes
Aidan Hughes
Chairman Swinford AC
087 2352796